the CONCEPT// repressionism

A few people have been asking me what the concept of REPRESSIONISM is and what the show will consist of. The following is my response:

Repressionism is a conceptual art piece that seeks to explore what it is we project (as society and individuals) on people representing various intimate relationships. 

The relationships presented will be that of a straight, gay, and lesbian couple as well as an individual. 

The models will be mostly nude, blindfolded and bound to each other. In this they will become a blank canvas for us to uninhibitedly project our thoughts, inspirations, doodles, imaginations, and expositions on without the threat or fear of judgement. 

Sharpies (permanent markers) will be provided for you to interact with the art in a way that is non traditional and more personal. You will be drawing directly on the bodies of the models! You will be the artist! You will be the art!

We will be documenting the event and taking REPRESSIONISM across the country to see how various communities respond to the same concept. 

To recap:
  • Live models will pose as couples and individuals.
  • You and I will draw and write on the bodies according to what inspires us.
  • Art will be documented and added to a collective of REPRESSIONISM from across the country.
I look forward to sharing this experience with you. Long live the creative spirit!





the MUSIC// christian coleman

      I'm excited to present another local musician that will be performing at the show, Christian Coleman.
      Christian is a native to Utah and has been performing for 20 years. He plays folk/blues/americana style on a variety of guitars and harmonica.


the MODELS// the traditional couple

      Introducing the first models to sign up for REPRESSIONISM, Nick James & Katie Kuhlman.
      Nick & Katie are the happiest couple I've ever met with plans for a future that boggle my mind (house, marriage, kids, etc).
      Nick is a local artist/illustrator (http://nickjam.es) who moved out here last year to pursue a relationship with Katie.
      Katie works at the U of U's Neuropsychiatric Institute who moved here 5 years ago and has become somewhat of a local celebrity after winning last year's IN THIS WEEK magazine's SEXY IN SLC competition.
      They are the quintessential "perfect" couple and will be a great subject for the show.


09.11.10 // the hive gallery

TITLE// repressionism

ARTIST// shadna

MEDIUM// live models & sharpies

PRICE// $5 to participate