REPRESSIONISM// the naked truth vol.001

The books are nearly here! Just ordered the final proofs and will have a look at them within the week. 

This is a photobook with images by Ethan Killian. I hope to continue the Repressionism concept by providing you with a marker and blank pages within the book to allow you to participate further.

There are two editions available. The standard and the limited. The standard is all black and white and retails for $25. The limited edition will be 108 signed and numbered copies in full color and retail for $50.

To place your orders and to save 20% visit the repressionism facebook page:





the INTERVIEWS// jehiah

Shot by James Richards at The Hive Gallery before and after the show. This is Jehiah our model for the roll of "individual". He represented the roll well and had some interesting insights. Have a look, have a listen...



the INTERVIEWS// jennifer

Shot by James Richards at The Hive Gallery before and after the event. This is Jennifer the other half of our "non-traditional couple". Great energy and personalty. Good interviews.



the INTERVIEWS// nick & katie

Shot by James Richards at The Hive Gallery before and after the event. This is Nick & Katie who represented the "traditional couple". They're dating in the real world and had some great insights. Have a look!



the INTERVIEWS// julia

Shot by James Richards at The Hive Gallery before and after the event. This is Julia, the first half of our "non-traditional couple". I love the juxtaposition of her two interviews.




the SHOW// continued results

REPRESSIONISM was a great success! We had over 30 people brave (or wealthy) enough to participate. We had hundreds of spectators. We had thousands of experiences...

And they're still continuing! We've recorded vast amounts of the show on film and in photographs. We're in the gathering and editing process right now. Posts will continue to follow as everything is processed.

Check back often for updates, or hit the follow button to be notified when we update!



the STATEMENT// repressionism artist statement

        Repressionism is a conceptual art piece. Conceptual art is a medium that deals in ideas and is more interested in the experienceof art than the visual aspect of it.
        Repressionism is not a random smattering of models. I’ve gathered models to represent traditional, non-traditional, and individual relationships. The models have been blindfolded to keep them from knowing what you and I are projecting onto them. In this way we’re visually and physically representing the idea that we, in these relationships, are blind to the ideas being put on us by society. I’ve chosen permanent markers as well so that we become more careful in what we project and to represent how difficult it is to rid ourselves of these projections.
        More than anything, Repressionism is an exploration of art. What it means to be an artist. What it means to be a viewer. What it means to be a subject. What it means to be art. Repressionism will allow you to experience all of these on many levels. Keep an open mind as you view and interact with the models. Explore your emotions and try to see how you fit into these varied rolls.

the PRESS// in this week


Repressionism announced on InThisWeek.com's blog as well as published in their weekly magazine! Pick one up on the streets of Utah or check out their blog.


Repressionism was also announced by Brian Staker over at City Weekly. The article appeared both on the blog and in the publication!

Final day before the show... Looking forward to seeing you all there!



the PHOTOGRAPHER// ethan killian


Just got in touch with local photographer Ethan Killian to shoot the models after our show at 9PM. Public is welcome to stay to watch the shooting process. I'm excited to have him join the REPRESSIONISM project.

View Ethan's portfolio at http://ekillian.org/